Market, markets everywhere

Farmer’s market season is in full swing in our area.  If you are willing to travel (and many of the markets are Metro-accessible), you can shop any day of the week.  We are pleased to see the UDC Market (Saturday mornings at Connecticut Avenue and Van Ness) open once again, as well as the Sheridan School Market (Saturday mornings and late Tuesday afternoon at Yuma and 36th street).  Both are very convenient to our location, and we frequent them regularly.  In addition to the Dupont Circle Market (which we visit on Sunday morning), we also stopped by the White House Market last Thursday (next to the Vermont Avenue exit of the McPherson Metro Station) just to check it out.  Beautiful strawberries are everywhere and cherries will be appearing within the week.  It is wonderful to once again see local sugar snap peas, snow peas, zucchini and much more – we have been waiting months to see all of this again – and we are ready to enjoy it.

The appearance of perfectly ripe strawberries immediately reminded us of Julia Child’s creme anglaise recipe, or “custard sauce” as it is known at our house.  It is a bit time consuming , but when made properly the recipe produces a perfectly smooth creamy sauce that is wonderful over strawberries or other seasonal fruit.  While we wait for blueberries to appear, we are already anticipating our favorite blueberry tart which will be followed by grilled peaches and nectarines, and watermelon salad.  If the temperature in Washington makes it feel like August, we might as well anticipate the fruits due to appear later in the summer!

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