Hibernation finally ends…

When we look at the date of our last post, it appears that we decided to hibernate through the worst part of winter.  Of course that’s not really the case, we’ve just been out enjoying our on-going love affair with the DC area.  We continue to add things to our list that deserve multiple, and sometimes, frequent visits such as the National Museum for Women in the Arts.  It’s also been fun to experience a variety of performances at The Kennedy Center, and we will be there again twice in the next week.   Weather permitting, we continue to frequently visit our favorite at the National Zoo, Lucy the orangutan.  If they allowed members to check out an animal for a home visit, Lucy would be at the top of our list.  The number of Lucy photos that have been taken grows after each visit, and she does make a lovely screen saver.  But, Lucy refuses to travel via the O-Line at the Zoo, so this photo is of a colleague traveling between the Ape House and the Think Tank.  If you are at National Zoo after 11:00 am during good weather, you may have a chance to see one or more of the orangutans swinging along the O-Line, hair flying, high above the visitors – it is quite a treat!

Since eating out daily isn’t an option, we have done a lot of cooking over the winter and as always, we have been trying new recipes.  Our interest in Indian cooking continues, and we have added another cookbook, “How to Cook Indian” by Sanjeev Kapoor after trying one of his recipes in the March issue of Food & Wine Magazine.  The book just arrived, and now we are waiting for an order from The Spice House (www.thespicehouse.com) in Chicago before trying more of his recipes.

As asparagus makes an appearance in the markets prior to the availability of the local crop, we have fixed numerous recipes using asparagus recently.  One, from the March 2011 issue of Eating Well Magazine combines our love of Indian food with asparagus.  You will be seeing more asparagus on the blog soon, along with a couple of recipes for tempeh that we recently tried.  Happy Spring – we hope it has finally arrived!

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