Quick Pasta

We will occasionally find ourselves at the end of a day with very few ideas for dinner; usually after a day spent running around town trying to finish various errands, or more likely, fitting in a visit to one more museum. On a recent weekend, we were visiting the Eastern Market, a DC landmark, where we not only had a great breakfast (blueberry buckwheat pancakes, aka, Blue Bucks for one of us, and corned beef hash with fried eggs for the other), but we also found a new source for fresh pasta and a variety of specialty meats like Bayonne ham. At the end of the day, we cooked the mushroom and asparagus stuffed ravioli which took just a few minutes, crisped the ham, and added blanched asparagus and a quick sauce that we made by reducing cream and adding asiago to thicken. A drizzle of reduced balsamic vinegar, and voilé, we have dinner!  So much better than a grilled cheese or that other emergency dinner, popcorn…

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