Zucchini bread, two options

We recently tried a zucchini bread recipe that appeared in the September 2009 issue of Food & Wine Magazine, and that reminded us of another zucchini bread recipe we started making years ago.  After only one bite, we knew the zucchini bread at Victorian Inn on the Park in San Francisco would become a favorite.  After staying there a number of times, and talking with the owner, Willie Benau, we decided to ask for the recipe.  What a great guy; he had been refining the recipe for years, and said if we were willing to copy it down, we were welcome to take the recipe home to enjoy.  It’s too bad we don’t have a photo of the recipe since the number of cross-outs, and changes was impressive.  The bread, which is fairly dense, is perfectly flavored, and we have made it numerous times over the years.

zucchini breadThe more recent recipe, Yogurt-Zucchini Bread with Walnuts, is quick to make and probably healthier than Willie’s masterpiece.  We did make a few changes to the version in F&W Magazine, and they are reflected in the recipe here.  It was difficult to imagine zucchini bread without cinnamon, so that was an easy call; after that, we decided to switch the flour to white whole wheat, etc.  We may still play around with additional spices when we make this recipe again, but it is quite good as it reads.  We found that the bread holds up quite well in a conventional toaster.  The toasted bread, spread with a little low-fat cream cheese is perfect with an espresso for breakfast.

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