The fishing expedition continues…

Blue Water Seafood in Hendersonville was the choice earlier this week when my sisters, Jeanne and Kathy, treated me to lunch.  If you live in western NC, or plan to visit the area, don’t miss a chance to have lunch or dinner at Blue Water.  The location is lovely, and the food is delicious (we are still talking about the side of lobster grits that Jeanne ordered – they were so good).  This was the perfect venue for a leisurely lunch with lots of shared stories of growing up in Hendersonville (the siblings who weren’t in town should assume we were talking about them…).  In addition to an excellent lunch, some beautiful tuna made it’s way from the Blue Water fish market to our kitchen for dinner that night.

tuna_dinnerFor one incredibly quick meal, marinate the tuna for ten minutes, and while it’s grilling, throw some sliced veggies on (we had some small squash that were perfect for grilling), and you have the basis for a great meal.  We were fortunate to already have a batch of our favorite focaccia on hand, so that along with some excellent olive oil rounded out the meal.

Since it’s apple season, we have already been trying out some new apple recipes.  The most recent one will not make it into the blog.  Despite the description of slowly cooked translucent apple slices, it came down to this – applesauce!  Who really needs a new recipe for applesauce?  We will be posting a low-fat apple crumble recipe that we enjoyed for breakfast with some Greek yogurt.

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