Some fish recipes we love

salmon_bowlWe, like so many others, try to include more fish in our diet and frequently, with some amount of success.  The recipes in this post are both easy to prepare, and high on the “healthful” scale.  The salmon recipe is one we have been making for a long time while continuing to alter the original recipe which first appeared in the March 2005 issue of Food and Wine Magazine. The first change was to use basmati brown rice which has become the default rice at our house in place of white rice.  Once we did that, we started looking at the sauce which originally included a thai red chile and a lot of garlic.  Rather than sticking with those two ingredients, we decided to substitute the Sriracha chili sauce (warning, if you haven’t used it before, it has a noticeable heat factor).  Our last major change was the substitution of zucchini strips in place of cucumber strips.  We tried the recipe a couple of times with cucumbers, and didn’t really think they complemented the salmon.  The zucchini adds gorgeous color, and since it is sauteed at the last moment, it also adds nice texture.  Finally, we prefer grilling our salmon rather than cooking on the cooktop, so that was our final change to the recipe.

The photo shows the dish prior to being plated.  The grilled salmon and sauteed zucchini are on the left, and the sauce is in the small bowl on the right.  Each time we fix this recipe, we have that “wow, how did we forget about this recipe” moment.  We hope you will give it a try.

grouperAlso quite tasty, and even easier to put together is the baked cod recipe from the October 2005 issue of Eating Well Magazine.  Again, we made a few changes, although not as many as to the recipe above.  The topping is very quick to assemble, and the finished dish is lovely.

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