Early start to comfort food “season”

StrataThe sudden change in DC weather prompted us to pull out a recipe we haven’t made in months and once more applaud the convenience of having a fabulous new bakery in our neighborhood.  Armed with another beautiful baguette from Bread Furst, we went into the kitchen and put together this Artichoke and Goat Cheese Strata.  The recipe probably should be re-named since we have also made it with feta in place of the goat cheese and enjoyed that version just as much.  We did have goat cheese on hand, so that is what we went with this time.  In making this recipe once or twice, we have found that getting some color on the artichoke hearts does make a difference in the taste of the dish.  It might be easier to brown the artichoke hearts, remove them from the pan and then saute the shallots or onion before proceeding.  This recipe makes a lot for two people, but it is just as good leftover with a quick trip into the microwave, so another win in the “cook once, eat twice” category.  Enjoy and depending on what the weather does next, we will either post more summer recipes, or really move into fall options.