Locally sourced

BreadSaladEven though the calendar says “fall”, we are still having full blown summer in DC.  As we were taking our early morning walk to the zoo, it occurred to us that we haven’t made one of our favorite summer dishes, panzanella (or bread salad) in a very long time. As we talked about this lack in our diet, we decided that at least one reason must be the fact that we have not had the perfect bread on hand for the recipe.  It is well known that when a recipe consists of only a few ingredients, each one must be perfect.  Luckily, there is a new bakery in our neighborhood, Bread Furst, and they are turning out some amazing products and if they were next door rather than a couple of blocks away, it would be a major diet hazard for us.  When they opened, we immediately became addicted to the English muffins that are made fresh daily and as they expanded their ‘menu’ we moved on to try some of their new offerings. Since they continue to expand their list of breads and prepared dishes, there is the potential for a lot of experimentation in our future.

We stopped by the bakery on Saturday and picked up a beautiful baguette for our salad.  To that we added delicious ripe tomatoes and Persian cucumbers from Twin Springs Fruit Farm along with some basil that was grown on our tiny balcony.  Aside from the vinegar, oil and Kalamata olives, we know where all of our ingredients come from, and they are produced by people whose lives are dedicated to growing and baking the very best products to share with their customers.  Thanks to all of the wonderful farmers and bakers in the area; we are so fortunate to have so many delicious choices when we shop!