Dinner on the deck

After what seemed like the winter that would never end, we are moving rapidly into summer; which means it is perfect for dinner on the deck of our building.  Buildings in DC are not particularly tall given the regulation that no building can be taller than the Washington Monument (and our building is among the “shorter” ones since we are on a ‘hill’), but since we are at one end of Rock Creek Park, it is a great place to sit and enjoy the warm weather.

We recently joined neighbors for an informal dinner and one of our contributions was a favorite appetizer, dried apricots topped with goat cheese, rosemary and honey.  Easy and delicious!  We also offered a new favorite, a Bulgur Salad with Asparagus, Feta and Toasted Walnuts.  This is the perfect salad to transport since there is really nothing in it that will spoil and the components can be packed separately and stirred together once you reach your destination.  The recipe came from www.food52.com, which is a site that has provided several good recipes in recent weeks.

Wherever you live, we hope you will find a wonderful venue and some great weather to enjoy a meal outdoors!


Photo of goat cheese and apricots Photo of an asparagus and bulgar salad