And now for something totally different


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Today we want to introduce a product that started in our tiny DC kitchen, Kiss My Itch Goodbye®.  The idea for an all-natural anti-itch product came about as most things do, serendipitously, but it was just too interesting not to give it a try.  So several months later and after many experiments in the art of making lotion that is the right consistency and will not fall apart, a product is now on the market.  Unlike using a Julia Child recipe where she very carefully explained how to recover from a “broken” sauce, there are no rules that provide that type of recovery from “broken” lotion; only trial and error seem to apply.

Originally, the intent was to find something that deals with the itch from insect bites but after testing by diligent family and friends, we have found the product is useful for so much more.  Everything from “winter itch” to dermatitis, eczema, cracked fingertips and a variety of other skin problems responds positively to Kiss My Itch Goodbye®.  And, not to leave anyone out, it also works on dogs.  As noted in a February 17, 2014 article in The New York Times, “millions of people suffer from itching”; we hope this product will provide help to many of them.

Please visit the web site to learn more if you are one of the many people who deal with itching.  No surprise that we are not providing a recipe for this particular “dish” since it is currently going through the process for review by the patent office and soon, by the FDA.