Uncooked pasta sauces

zucchini_tomato_pastaSummer is the one time of year that provides numerous opportunities to serve pasta with an uncooked sauce.  We recently tried a recipe from the August 2009 issue of Food & Wine Magazine that was excellent.  We did make a couple of changes, so the recipe for Linguine with Tomatoes, Baby Zucchini and Herbs that appears here is our slightly modified version.  This attractive dish tastes as fresh as it looks.

A few other recipes for various types of pasta with uncooked sauces are also on the site.  These include Orzo, Garbanzo, and Vegetable Salad; Pasta with Fresh Tomato and Mozzarella Sauce; Mediterranean Orzo Salad with Feta Vinaigrette, and Pasta with Tomatoes.  In some cases, the onions in the recipe are cooked, but as we’ve mentioned before, that is our preference since we aren’t fans of raw onions, but you may prefer them uncooked.

Take advantage of all those wonderful tomatoes, veggies, and herbs that are in the markets right now, and see what you can create with very little effort, and without heating up your kitchen.

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