Winter, not winter, oh it’s winter again

Like most of the country, we are also dealing with somewhat insane weather.  November was the coldest one DC has seen in 20+ years (that prompted some of us to finally order mittens and ear bands).  Then along comes December where first we have cold, then somewhat more temperate weather which suddenly turned extremely cold but now it is almost spring-like for at least a few days.  Aside from the daily dilemma of just how many layers to put on when you head out the door is the question of what to eat.  Just as we think about soups, chili and other cold-weather fare, it suddenly warms up again.  Following a candlelight concert at National Cathedral on Sunday evening just before Christmas, we had planned to have soup, but the forecast for 71 degrees that day has changed our minds.  Now we will pick up some shrimp at the Maine Avenue Fish Market and have shrimp with our favorite cocktail sauce when we return from the service.

Photo of black pepper tofu with a side of bok choyWhile we waffle between various types of food, some things are not at all seasonal such as this killer black pepper tofu recipe.  It appeared recently in the Washington Post and with only a couple of minor modifications, we have fallen in love with it.  Why two tablespoons of black pepper doesn’t take the top of your head off, we don’t understand.  The sauce is perfectly balanced and delightful with the tofu.  Even those of you who don’t really care for tofu might give this a try.  Served with some truly beautiful baby bok choy, it was divine.