Tiny garden harvest

High excitement!  Our Sungold cherry tomato plant produced enough ripe tomatoes at one time to use in a recipe.  Since the tomatoes were to take the starring role at dinner, we decided to make a pasta recipe from a Joanne Weir cookbook that we have enjoyed in previous summers.  There are very few ingredients in this recipe, so it is crucial that each be the best you have available.  In addition to our very own locally grown (it doesn’t get more local than your own tiny balcony) tomatoes and basil, we used our favorite olive oil from Williams-Sonoma and a lovely balsamic vinegar from Sur Le Table.  In addition to the toasted breadcrumbs, we also crumbled just a bit of feta cheese over the pasta at the table.  The combination of sweet tomatoes, balsamic, basil, feta and toasted bread crumbs made a perfect summer meal!  The plant currently owns the balcony, so we hope to be using cherry tomatoes in other dishes as the summer progresses.  Seeing just how large one cherry tomato plant can grow makes us realize that we need to seek out a dwarf cherry tomato plant next season.


Photo of our cherry tomatoes   Photo of tomato pasta with bread crumbs


Despite the very steamy DC weather, think 80+ degrees at 5am with high humidity, we continue to enjoy our frequent walks to the National Zoo.  On a recent visit, we saw two of our favorites – Omar the Scimitar-Horned Oryx and Rusty the Red Panda (who most recently was seen in the news following his daring zoo escape and safe return).


Photo of Sweeney   Photo of Rusty the Red Panda