“Gardening” DC-style

Photo of zucchini and corn saladWe may have one of the smallest concrete gardens (i.e., our balcony) on record, 4 feet by 7 feet, but we’ve still managed to make it work for us.  The beautiful zucchini and corn salad that we enjoyed for dinner last night featured local corn and zucchini purchased at our farmer’s market but the Sungold cherry tomatoes and basil came from our very own balcony garden.  The tomato plant is out of control after surpassing the height of the balcony and then folding back onto itself.  So far that seems to be working and we have loads of tomatoes on the plant.  If they all ripen we will consider it a huge gardening success.  Our basil, oregano, parsley, thyme and rosemary are also doing quite well along with baskets of lantana (the hummingbirds are very happy with that choice of plant for the summer) and two large potted plants.  We do have an electric grill as well as a table and two chairs on the balcony but the plants now own the space and we will probably not try to sit there until the tomato plant gives it up for the season.


Our multi-market shopping trip on Saturday provided more than we can actually store easily, but we have managed to find a space for everything as we try new recipes.  Up next is a Japanese eggplant recipe that includes miso and bacon – how can that be anything but good?  We will find out this evening.


Addendum:  We guessed incorrectly on the eggplant recipe …  When we prepared it, we found the miso and bacon overwhelmed the eggplant to the point that it seemed to vanish under the topping.  If you are looking for an interesting way to use Japanese eggplant, we can highly recommend a recipe we posted several months ago which uses goat cheese and Dijon mustard as the topping.