Zucchini, the vegetable everyone loves to hate

Zucchini SoupWe know how frequently zucchini is maligned, but if you think of it as a readily-available summer vegetable that takes on the flavor of other ingredients, it’s a wonderful choice in many recipes.  A favorite of ours for many years is cold zucchini soup.  Since the soup is green, and contains fresh dill, many people mistake it for cucumber soup which, for some reason, is more acceptable.  This is a great make-ahead recipe, but don’t try leaving out the green pepper.  Although you don’t really taste the pepper, the one time we made it without that one ingredient, the soup was completely boring.  Another wonderful zucchini option at this time of year is the carpaccio recipe from Patricia Wells latest cookbook, Vegetables at the Center of the Plate (2007).  We hope you will try one, or both of these recipes while small, perfect zucchini are in season.Zucchini_Salad

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