Still waiting for spring

Spring in DC this year seems to last no more than a couple of days at a time before winter returns, and we are now close to the end of April.  When those nice days do appear, we take advantage of them by getting out to enjoy things as diverse as a picnic at the Botanic Garden or the Kirkin’ O’ The Tartan at National Cathedral.  The Botanic is always lovely and since they provide numerous outdoor spaces with no restrictions on the type of food you can bring into the gardens from elsewhere, it is the perfect picnic venue.  Once you have finished enjoying your picnic, a visit to the indoor space frequently turns up amazing exhibits such as the one on display right now,  “Undercover”.  The beautiful photographs of wild flowers that grow under the forest canopy were taken by Jackie Bailey Labovitz and are well worth a visit (through October 14).

The bagpiper event at National Cathedral is not something you can enjoy whenever you are in the mood, but we did manage to make the date for their appearance at the Choral Evensong service in the midst of a gorgeous weekend.  In addition to 10 bagpipes piping the choir into The Cathedral, there was also a group of ~100 men of all ages from the St. Andrew’s Society of Washington, DC all of whom were dressed in full Scottish attire .  Following the service, we were all invited to the outdoor amphitheater for a short concert, complete with three women doing Scottish dances.  The small children in the audience especially loved the concert and some of them were dancing and “drumming” along.


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As the weather fluctuates between winter, spring and summer, we find ourselves frequently shuffling menus in an attempt to fix weather-appropriate dishes on any given day.  We recently enjoyed some risotto with asparagus, shiitake mushrooms and leeks.  Not only was it delicious the first time, a second appearance of the leftovers as risotto cakes was equally good.  The “green” on the plate with the risotto cakes may look like broccoli rabe, but it is actually collard rabe.  One of the farmer’s at the Dupont Market had an assortment of “rabe” and we picked up a bunch of collard and another of turnip.  The collard rabe was excellent without the bitterness were have usually found with broccoli rabe.  We are curious to find out if the turnip is similarly mild.


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