Kale salad and the big blue pig neighborhood tour

We finally had an opportunity to take the pig for a walk through the neighborhood – he was getting a bit of cabin fever.  He was, of course, very excited to see the blue pig that gave us the idea to purchase a pig of our own.  That plus a visit to the National Zoo was his first chance to get out and check his surroundings.  While he has many other outings planned, he has expressed interest in a more upscale carrying case than the one currently in use. And after all, who wants to travel snout down in a book bag? As you can see from the photo, even a pig knows it is important to stop and smell the roses occasionally.

The Dupont market is really hopping now and we came home on Sunday loaded down with beautiful strawberries, greens of all kinds, radishes, cucumbers and more.  One other thing we picked up was a new product called “FreshPaper” which is offered by a new company created by a major new entrepreneur, Fenugreen.  A recent article in the food section of the Washington Post prompted us to pick up a pack to try.  One sheet is now tucked into a large bowl of strawberries and another in a bag of greens.  Since many of us struggle with using up all that wonderful produce before it heads south, we have high hopes that this new product will allow us to finish more things rather than throwing them away. While we walked to the market (about 2 1/2 miles from our place) the size of our purchases and the increase in temperature made it an easy decision to take Metro home – and we didn’t even have to suffer through “track maintenance” delays!

The idea of a raw kale salad has been on our minds as we see so much lovely produce appearing right now.  After dismissing several ideas, we have finally settled on a combination of kale, red quinoa, edamame and radishes dressed with lemon and olive oil.  One thing that did surprise us about this salad is that even after a couple of days in the refrigerator, it still looks and tastes amazing.  We hope you will give it a try when you see some perfect kale at your market.

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